BlackBerry Z10

Hey future BlackBerry Z10 owners in the US, if you haven't already ordered your new device from AT&T, you may want to check a few options that popped up today. Both RadioShack and Best Buy are offering gift cards as incentive for pre-ordering the AT&T BlackBerry Z10.

As posted yesterday, AT&T customers can get the BlackBerry Z10 for $199 on contract, with RadioShack throwing in a $30 gift card and Best Buy $50 gift cards. The gift cards will be available at the time of purchase, so you should be able use them either on the cost of the phone or for accessories (though everyone knows the best place for BlackBerry accessories is!). At this time, both retailers are only doing pre-orders for AT&T, though rumor has it they may have details on other carriers available next week.

Unfortunately, neither offer seems to be available online, so you'll have to stop in one of the stores to take advantage of the deal. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!