Radio Player+ for BlackBerry

As I write this BlackBerry 10 is still less than two months old but for you music fans out there it's already nice to see a decent selection of Radio applications rocking out in BlackBerry World. Radio Player+ is the latest I have been tinkering around with and although the name is not as well know as some of the other house hold names (yet) such as Nobex or Slacker, the developers of Radio Player+ have done a great job and I'm loving the app.

Being Built for BlackBerry the app takes on a common standard simple user interface and the colors used are minimalistic - just black and white - but it works well. The music is actually supplied from SHOUTcast but the developers are manually adding radio stations constantly. They have initially focused on a selection of key countries but they assure me that the list will increase indefinitely.


As with many BlackBerry 10 applications - accessing the different sections of the app is achieved using the tabs at the base of the display. In Radio Player+ these include Favorites, Search, Genres and Top 100. The Genres one is pretty in-depth as once you select a style of music, such as rock for example, you are then shown a further list to filter the stations by style of rock. I'm getting on a bit now so the glam rock section seems to be getting my attention - oh, the good old days!

Once you find a station you wish to listen to you can either start playing it straight away or there is also a + symbol upon each which you can use to add to your favorites. One of the features I really like with Radio Player+ is that whatever music track you are listening to the artist and song name will scroll across the screen - handy for future reference is you feel the urge to purchase albums from that artist.

On to the final and a pretty awesome feature - Alarm and sleep timers. If you like to listen to the radio in bed but don't want the app running all night long you can set a timer to turn the app off. The same goes for alarms - why not use Radio Player+ to wake you up in the morning banging out your favorite tunes?

Radio Player+ will set you back $1.99/£1.50 which is a worthy price in my opinion.

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