Although Racing Moto is new to the BlackBerry PlayBook, I am quite used to playing it as it is an Android port. I already have it installed on my Android phone and tablet and it's one of those games that is always fun to go back to playing when you have a few minutes to kill.

You control a motorbike (no surprise) and your job is to dodge the other traffic on the road. You can press the screen to give yourself a speed boost and release the screen again to slow down. It is all about getting as far as possible as thats what gets you points.

Thats pretty much the game, however it is extremely addictive. It runs beautifully smooth on the PlayBook and game play is fast paced and almost an adrenaline rush - well, as much as a motorbike game can be. The other huge bonus is that Racing Moto is free to download - always a bonus.

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