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BB and Spreadsheet

Viewing spreadsheets on the BlackBerry can be a pain if the worksheet is full of data and field comments.  I know many who print off the spreadsheet and carry it with them so they can have a better view of the data.  The challenge with that is that comments are not viewable and data can't be manipulated while on the go.

Enter Quintell with their Dashboard that provides mobile analytics to decision makers.  With the dashboard you can:

  • Spot reg flags easily
  • Drill down to discover trends 
  • Compare Performance
  • See the big picture
  • Display comments for additional insight
  • Contact the right people without leaving the dashboard
  • Share screenshots
  • Access all your dashboards in one place - online or offline
  • Launch Quintell Dashboards from your email inbox

The company offers a free 15-day trial and the cost to purchase is only $29.99 for a permanent license with no recurring payments. Check out a quick video after the break or hit the link below to download.

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