QuickPost updated with a share music feature

One of most used and favorite apps on BlackBerry 10 has received another update. QuickPost has been updated with a new feature dubbed "#QPMusic". It basically allows you to share whatever song you're currently listening to with others. It's a small addition but a nice one at that. You can share via all the usual social media account options you normal have through QuickPost.

Visually you won't see much change within the app but when you're in compose mode you'll see a new button with a music note icon on it, underneath the text field, alongside the hashtag and '@' symbol. If you're playing a song and you tap the button, it will populate the text field with the song you're currently listening to. If you tap the button and no music is playing, it will tell you to play music and try again.

I you haven't heard of QuickPost before, it's an app that lets you "Type once, post everywhere". It's made for those who have multiple social media accounts and allows you to type out what you want to post as an update once and you can then push it out to all your different accounts, be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. What I like about QuickPost is that it integrates with the native social media accounts on your BlackBerry 10 device so you don't need to login to each one again. It also includes BBM Channels and BBM Groups, as well as the ability to update your BBM status. You can also share pictures to the social accounts.

QuickPost is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and costs $0.99. It is free to update, of course. If you haven't updated yet look out for the update.

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