One of my most used apps has just been updated -- QuickPost. It brings a bunch of new features and new pricing for pro features. There's a handful of new design changes, such as being able to choose which accounts to show. If you don't share to certain social media sites, you can hide those. You can also now use the native photo editing tools when you want to upload a photo. Handy little addition.

Here's the full QuickPost v2.1 changelog

Core updates for the regular version:

  • Design Enhancements - The target picker, page header, active frame, and settings page have been redesigned.
  • New Pro Shop & Prices - Keep your features without the subscription!
  • In-App Promo Codes - Taking promo codes to the next level! With the new In-App Promo Codes, all kinds of promotions are available within QuickPost itself!
  • Fix: QP Music Missing Album Art - Properly recognizes when album art is available.
  • Fix: Convenience Keys - The # and @ keys no longer hide the keyboard.

Core Updates are freely available to all QuickPost users. New share targets, enhancements to existing features and bug fixes will always be free.

Pro version updates:

  • Dynamic Page Header - See the bigger picture! With this setting turned on, the page header will be automatically hidden when you attach an image.
  • Hub Integration - This enhancement allows QuickPost to register to the Hub at anytime, instead of during startup.

There are a few things that the developer has noted for Pro users. Pro users with 200+ days remaining will automatically be upgraded to the new Pro. Pro users with less than 200 days remaining may optionally upgrade to the new Pro for half price! An explanation of all the pro features can be found within the app Settings.

I love this app and I am loving this update. You can watch the video above for a quick look at some of the new features. If you don't want to upgrade to the Pro version, the core version does plenty already. The purpose of the app is to be able to type once and post to multiple social media sites, QuickPost does that and more.

If you're an existing QuickPost user, all updates are free. If you're looking to download it for the first time it will cost you $0.99. QuickPost is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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