QuickPost 2.0 hits BlackBerry World with a new design and a bucket load of new features

One of my favorite BlackBerry 10 apps has just received a big update. QuickPost is an app I use daily. It's an app that let's you "Type once, post everywhere". You can post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, BBM Channels, BBM Groups, WhatsApp and even update your BBM status without having to type things out repeatedly. Its creators has been busy the past few months working on v2.0. It has been completely redesigned and there are tonnes of new features to try out.

QuickPost v2.0 new features

  • QuickPost Pro
  • Passport & Classic Support
  • Hub Integration
  • Dropbox Support
  • Trapeez Support
  • Weibo Support
  • Theme Settings – Dark & Bright
  • Image Editing
  • URL Shortening
  • Enhanced QP Music – Includes Album Art
  • Active Frame – Dark & Bright Theme
  • Reset Button
  • Help Library
  • Factory Reset
  • Enhanced Share QuickPost

As well as those new features, there is also QuickPost Pro to be found. This brings even more features including URL shortening and Hub integration.

QuickPost Pro features

  • Hub Integration: Take your productivity to the next level! Hub Integration allows you to compose directly from the Hub so you can keep moving!
  • Cloud Sync: With Cloud Sync all f your QuickPost data is securely stored in the cloud. When you re-install QuickPost or switch devices, your settings will automatically be restored!
  • URL Shortening: Save space in your posts with URL shortening! With one tap, have all the URLs in a post shortened. URLs are shortened using Google URL Shortener, with support for other services planned.
  • Target Swipe Gesture: Enhance your productivity even further with the new Target Swipe gesture. This works by tapping and holding the first target then swipe to turn on the rest! Have a lot of share targets? No problem, QuickPost will shrink all of the icons so they fit on the screen.
  • Share Target Customization: This awesome feature allows you to rearrange your share target icons or decide which ones to disable/enable. It also makes the target swipe gesture more efficient!
  • Target Picker Positioning: Finding those share targets a bit of a stretch? This feature allows you to move them to the bottom of the screen for added convenience.

QuickPost is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $0.99. If you're interested in the Pro features, there's a tiered price plan, depending on how long you want to use the pro features for. You can head into the store within the app to check those out. Also, check back later to see a video of QuickPost 2.0 in action.

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