I forget about this one more times than not, so I can imagine there are some users who don't know about it at all. Built in to the BlackBerry Z10 lock screen there is an option to quickly jump into the camera without unlocking the device. This saves time if you're in a pinch and need to get to the camera quickly, or if you just lost track of the Camera icon and can't be bothered to look for it. As long as you remember it's there, it can be a real time saver for snapping some photos on short notice.

  • To quickly access the camera from the BlackBerry Z10 lock screen, tap and hold the camera icon on the bottom right.
BlackBerry Z10 lock screen
  • As you hold, an indicator will appear and the progress bar will fill up. The camera app will open and you'll be free to snap away.

BlackBerry Z10 Camera  BlackBerry Z10 Camera

This is a great feature for quickly getting to the camera, and you also have to hold the icon just long enough that it will prevent unwanted pocket camera access.  The camera icon is also docked in the bottom bar on the home screen so you'll always have easy access to it. Neato!

Is this a feature you often use? Let us know in the comments!