Since its debut here on the CrackBerry blogs, QuickLaunch has become one of the must-have applications for many BlackBerry users, especially Storm owners. Originally launching for the Storm and now available for other BlackBerry device models, QuickLaunch has been a staple on the CrackBerry App Store's Best Sellers list (check out our CrackBerry Review here) thanks to its ease of use and ability to speed up the BlackBerry experience.

With QuickLaunch version 2.0, this already solid shortcuts app has taken a step ahead in form and functionality. You'll want to watch the video above or jump over to the product description page for the full run-through of what's new. 2.0 is only available for the Storm right now, but other device versions will get 2.0 love soon. You can pick it up for $4.99 from the link below. Change log and pricing info for existing customers below.

QuickLaunch Version 2.0 for the BlackBerry Storm

Here are the new features:

  • Backup / Restore to .txt file -No more lost menu configurations when upgrading your OS. The Menu List, Options and Activation Code can now be stored in a .txt on your SDCard and easily and reliably restored. Use this function for backup as QuickLaunch no longer 'supports' backup / restore via Desktop Manager.
  • Built-in Screen Capture function - QuickLaunch now includes it's own screen capture capability generating a high quality image. After the image is taken you have the option of immediately emailing it.
  • Integrated Google, Wikipedia and search - Performing these searches are now quicker using QuickLaunch.
  • Create Custom Submenus - Now you can organize your list in categories. You can even have submenus within submenus.
  • More apps and functions to Add - In addition to the greater number of applications now supported by QL 2.0 there are now more 'standard' QL functions that you can add including: New Appointment, Compose Email, Compose PIN, Compose SMS, New Contact, and New Task.
  • Display Current Temperature - You can now display your local temperature (or just about any other city in the world) and Hi/Lo forecast information in the title bar. QuickLaunch does not run in the background and the weather information is retrieved only when you run QL. 2.0 weather was tested in 4 European countries, 2 asian countries, Australia, South Africa and the U.S and worked with all networks tested. However it is possible that someone might have a network configuration that is not immediately supported. If this is the case, find your carrier's APN (Access Point Name) via google or directly from your carrier and enter that information in home, options, advanced, tcp/ip. That should take care of almost all networks in the world. If you can't display weather after that, send me an email and I will determine your settings and get you set up.
  • Yahoo Weather - This item is in the Add Application section and when selected will display weather info obtained from yahoo weather in your browser according your location setting in QL Options.
  • Add Items Alphabetically - Enable this option to add menu items in alphabetical order
  • Easier Setup with Installed Applications List - To add an app no longer requires you to first have the app running. Just pick from the list
  • Volume Button Scrolling - You can now set the volume buttons to enable item by item scrolling up/down or page up/down. This is a great feature as you can now quickly navigate and launch items without touching the screen. It's kind of fun too.
  • 3 Font sizes - Small, medium and large
  • System Menu Integration - This option will allow you to add QL to the BlackBerry system menu a la 'CaptureIt'. An added bonus of this feature is that now QL can be run on top of some apps that it previously wasn't able to in the past such as Opera Mini.
  • Improved Performance - Yes, it launches items noticeably faster than before.
  • Compatible with OS .141, .148 ...and other future OS release with the flicker issue.

Price Info:

  • First Time Buyers: $4.99
  • Previous owners who've purchased on or after April 1st: Free Upgrade
  • Previous owners who've purchased before April 1st: $1.99