We have covered QuickLaunch time and again on the blogs since it's inception, and even had a review of it posted by one of our CrackBerry Idol contestants. Quite frankly, it's one of the most popular applications out there, lending a huge amount of functionality to your device in one place. With the latest update to 3.0, this application has taken another step further from it's humble beginnings as a mere shortcut app to something bigger. I ran the first version of QuickLaunch, and the difference now is mind-boggling with tons of features and functions available to tweak the app to your exact specifications.

The 3.0 update has brought a lot of changes to it, and reders several apps I had on my device completely unnecessary, adding Scheduled Reboots, Screen Capture in System Menu, even the ability to set a shortcut to a subpage of the Options menu. I personally have mine set to my Themes submenu, allowing for a quick change whenever I feel the need.


The visual customization that has been allowed in the new version is tailor-made for those that need to make their apps unique, with the ability to set not only the border size, but the transparency of the background and even an image to use as a "wallpaper" or set a color for the menu. The app now has support for Opera Mini and CrunchSMS, allowing users to open links and send SMS messages without having to use the native applications.


One feature I have found to be incredibly useful for me is the ability to toggle my password on and off, allowing me to quickly set me password on when I'm at the office and remove it when I leave.The app runs smoothly as always, and makes multitasking a breeze with the ability to launch it anywhere, no matter what you happen to be doing.

If you haven't tried QuickLaunch yet, I would seriously recommend taking a look. If you're already running an older version and haven't upgraded yet, you know how valuable of a tool this app is, and the upgrade is more than worth it. Available for multiple devices in the CB store, on sale for $3.99 until the 27th.

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