Have you noticed that straight out of the box or whenever you perform a wipe and reinstall of BlackBerry 10, NFC is on by default. I have always wondered why NFC is enabled by default on BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Now I know why. BlackBerry want to you make use of it any which way you can. From sharing files, pictures, browser links, right down to adding contacts to BBM.

Now, I've been using NFC already, from sharing files and photos to adding contacts. How I had been doing that was by going to the picture or file then tapping Share, selecting NFC and then bump the devices together. There's an easier way to do it however.

This quick tip comes from the BlackBerry Developer group in the Netherlands. They recently had a get together and discovered the awesomeness of NFC on BlackBerry 10. There is no need to even tap the Share option to share via NFC. As long as you and the person you want to share to or add to BBM have NFC turned on, then it's as simple as tapping the devices together.

Want to add a contact to BBM? Open BBM and bump the phones together.

Want to share a file or photo? Go to the file or photo, then tap the phones together.

This even works with sharing browsing links. Just have the browser open to the web link you want to share and tap the phones together. It is that simple.

Since discovering this feature I have kept NFC on and I'm using it share with friends and family more than I have been. Go out and try it now. It really makes you wonder what other treats and features can be discovered on BlackBerry 10.