Now that we've have some time to play around with the latest BlackBerry OS 10.3 leak and poke around the files a bit more, we've also dug some more info on the BlackBerry Blend Beta. Previously we showed you some images of how it looks and how we thought it would all work together but we've found some new information as well that's certainly interesting and offers some insight as to where BlackBerry is going with this.

  • Most definitely a web interface that will run on any HTML5 enabled device. BlackBerry has also included device checks to ensure it will work properly. Of those devices supported there is the BlackBerry PlayBook, Android tablets, iPads and of course, desktops.
  • They appear to also be working on apps for Android and iOS as well, likely container apps which serve as launchers to the interface.
  • You'll be able to pair your device(s) by barcode or NFC. For example, launch the BlackBerry Fuse application on your tablet and scan the barcode or ensure that NFC is enabled on your tablet, press the 'Pair' button, and place your devices back-to-back.
  • When you connect from a browser you are greeted with a dashboard page which gives you the summary from each application linked to fuse. Default ones are BBM, SMS, Email, Hub, Calendar, Contacts. You can then go into one specifically and pretty much do exactly what you can do on device.
  • Third-party apps can also interface with the dashboard. There will be developer API's available and apps such as Box, Dropbox and BlackBerry Express are noted in the system already.
  • Supports a file manager system, meaning you can push files to your other devices from your BlackBerry and vice-versa.

You can click play on the video above to get a look at in action though, it is a limited demo of sorts and not fully functional. It just offers a look at how it will all work and how you'll be interfacing with it whenever BlackBerry gets around to finally making it official.