BlackBerry Clock Application

I'm always amazed when I find something new buried in the native applications on my device. Over the weekend I was playing around with the clock and discovered the built-in timer for the first time (yes, seriously). I knew about the stopwatch function, but somehow never realized there was a timer there as well. I've used the alarm itself as a timer tons and tons of times, doing crazy math to get it set when I needed. So needless to say, after stumbling across the timer feature I'm relieved that my alarm woes are gone. Tag-team this with the awesome Bedside Mode and the clock is one of my most used applications. I apologize if this is a "no-brainer" to some users, but I figured if I didn't know it was there then there must be others who didn't realize it either. Hit the video below for a quick look at the alarm, timer and stopwatch functions within the clock application.

Using the alarm, timer and stopwatch functions in the clock application