A very close friend of mine just upgraded to a BlackBerry Torch. As a newbie, she was so excited that she almost forgot about her address book. How was she going to transfer her contacts from her regular phone? Would she have to add each number all over again? What is one to do? 

Before panicking and thinking you have to manually input each and every one there's a simple answer: the SIM Card. The SIM card is a little chip located near your battery that holds your personal phone information. It lets you switch devices by simply sliding out of one device and placing in another. Utilized by GSM Networks (i.e. AT&T, Rogers, T-Mobile) it can also be used to store your address book when transferring from the old device to the new one. Just remember to copy your contacts to your SIM first. How many entries a chip can hold varies depending on the card and how old it is. When I switched from my RAZR I was able to store around 200 entries. If you're over capacity you'll need to repeat this process.

You can also access by going through the Setup Wizard on your device.

  • OS 5: Homescreen > Setup > Setup Wizard > Import SIM Card Contacts.  Click yes when prompted to copy all.
  • OS 6: Homescreen > Setup > Personalization > SIM Contacts Sync.  Click yes when prompted to copy all.  

As you can see from the video it's an easy process to transfer contacts back and forth. Once loaded you'll be able to use device manager to save your information going forward.

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