Twitter Full site on the BlackBerry PlayBook

If you're a hardcore Twitter user, you've no doubt come across this issue with the BlackBerry PlayBook web browser when visiting Twitter. It -- seemingly, doesn't allow you to use the full Twitter website. Instead, it redirects you to the mobile site with no link being provided to escape from it. However, thanks to some URL trickery -- you can now use the full Twitter website should you choose to do so.

So how do you do it? Simple -- it's a url trick making it pretty much a one step process aside from needing to login to your account which, you've likely already done at least once anyway. Login to your Twitter account from your BlackBerry PlayBook then manually enter this URL ( the URL will then refresh, upon refresh you'll be taken to the full Twitter site with all the access you would expect from it.

Ideal? Not really -- but it works until we get some really good Twitter clients showing up in BlackBerry App World. Thanks, @K_r_y_p_t_o for the tip!