I'm a bit ashamed to admit my ignorance, and I'm sure my fellow CrackBerry writers will take immense joy in rubbing this in later, but for the sake of it possibly helping others, here I go. I had no clue how to dial phone numbers that contained letters in them like 1-800-COMCAST on my BlackBerry device until today. I ran across an app in BlackBerry App World that you enter the number like Comcast's and it gave you the numerical equivalent. I was so excited that I immediately thought to do a review on it and searched CrackBerry to see if that app had been covered before. Low and behold, on the main page in a Q&A submission (back in 2007) was an even easier way to dial those numbers...no app needed! If you're like me and have no clue how to dial numbers containing letters, keep reading and you'll see how easily it's done!

Dialing instructions

You simply start dialing the number like you usually do and then when you come to the letters, hold the "alt" key while pressing each letter. Easy and no wasting precious space on my BlackBerry with a needless app.

Hopefully this post will help someone else and my embarrasment won't be for naught :-)