Whether you need to verify your OS version to ensure compatability with an application, or just for your own personal knowledge finding the information is quite simple to do from your device. There are two different ways to check the information, both take only a few seconds and the information you need will be right at your fingertips. Let's take a quick look after the break at how to verify the OS version of your BlackBerry.

Verifying from within a text entry field


When you are in a field in which text can be entered, like an email, SMS, or BBM message compose screen you simply type 'myver' (without the quotes) then press space and the text will then change to give you the information. The numbers will show as XXXX/X.X.X.XXX, the first four numbers are the device model number, and the set of numbers after the slash will be the OS version of your device.

Verifying from the systems menu


If you would rather learn a little more about the device you can do so by heading into the device options and finding the version number this way. Finding this is extrememly easy on OS6/7 because with universal search all you need to do is type in "version" and click on the options icon and it will appear. For devices on OS5 and below, or if you have universal search disabled, you will need to go to options, then scroll to the top and click on about. The screen that pops up will reveal your OS version, device model number, app versions and much much more. On the third line you will find the OS version in the parenthesis, it will start with vX.X.X.XXX.

It's just that simple, a few clicks and you can easily see exactly which OS version you are running so you will know if the application or theme you are looking at will work properly on your device. 

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