Default Services

When I switched devices last week I realized something was wrong when I composed emails or added entries to my calendar. It was using my address instead of my gmail one. It completely slipped my mind that because I have multiple email accounts my device automatically chose one to be the default for both of those applications upon activation. Now I don't know about you but I don't think my BBM Groups would like to know when my next dental appointment is. Rather than manually switching accounts from the Send Using option just follow these quick and painless steps to alter this setting.

OS 4.2 - OS 5.0: From the home screen click on Options and select Advanced Options. Scroll down and click on Default Services. In this screen you will focus on two different settings: Calendar (CICAL) and Messsaging (CMIME). Using the drop down, scroll to and select the email address you wish to set as the default. Press the BlackBerry menu button (or backspace) and select Save.  

OS 6.0/7.0: From the home screen click on Options and select Device. Scroll down and choose Advanced System Settings and go into Default Services. You may also utilize universal search and type in Default Servies. Just as with older operating systems select your pereferred email address in the drop down menus. When complete hit the BlackBerry button and Save your changes.

That's all there is to it. To make sure these changes take effect, I recommend performing a battery pull. Once set, these will be the accounts that appear when composing a new email or creating a new entry right off the bat. You can still choose an alternative one if you want. Now you won't have to make excuses when your friends receive an unknown sender email or view an appointment you'd like to keep private.