"The SanDisk 32GB microSDHC card offers maximumum storage for your BlackBerry device and is perfect for die hard media users"

In Short:
"Turns your device into the ultimate media machine"

Should I Buy?
"While it stores all of your files, pictures, music and videos, not everyone will need this much memory"
SanDisk 32GB microSDHC card

Fitness month is in full swing here at Mobile Nations and when creating a daily fitness routine how could I not include my BlackBerry? It's a permanent fixture during my workout for many reasons but most importantly: MUSIC! There's no way I'm stepping onto a treadmill or hopping on a bike without my ear-splitting, heart pounding, let's get this party started tunes. I'm nothing but a weakling standing on two sticks who'll fall off the machine (which I've done by the way) if I can't time each step with the bass beats of certain songs.

That's why I create playlists in my music library that are tailored to my specific workout and its duration. Trouble is there's a small little issue of storage when it comes to porting over my media library. The device's built-in memory and the 4GB SD card that came with my Torch 9800 just isn't enough. I decided to take the plunge and go all the way with a 32GB. My friends called me crazy, I said bring it on. With all of my custom ringtones, personal documents, cached radio stations, and my workout playlists there's no such thing as too much memory. 

The Review 

SanDisk 32GB microSDHC card

The SanDisk 32GB microSDHC doesn't disappoint and, as I recommended in my Holiday Gift Guide awhile back, is the perfect accessory for those looking for a solution to all their storage and media needs. This is an amazing card and boy do I put it through the ringer. I may not have filled it to capacity yet but, on average, it can hold around 8,000 songs, or 20,800 pictures, or 128 hours of video, although these numbers are approximations and vary depending on quality, bitrate, compression and pixel size. Right now I have over 550 songs and 450 music videos as motivation while exercising.

Not only are SD cards perfect for your ever expanding musical tastes but they double as a USB flash drive. I suck the life out of all my cards because I fill them with all sorts of things to get me through not only my fitness regimen but my day-to-day tasks as well. This month I've been using it to compile all of my workout data in an excel spreadsheet to track my progress no matter where I am. Though as a camera enthusiast (ask any of the crew at CES how I kept trying to take candid shots) this card allows me to store all of them including my own personal videos. Last year I took my Mom to a Bon Jovi concert for Mother's Day and without missing a beat I pulled out my Torch and recorded portions of the show and it still didn't make a dent in storage capacity.

Overall, this is a great card that has never failed no matter how many devices I switch it to. All the music I need to rock out at the gym is at my fingertips with an endless supply of customized playlists to fit each workout. While SDHC cards may not be compatible with older BlackBerry devices, this card can be used in devices running OS 4.6.0 and higher. For more information regarding device compatibility and SD card size you can check out this guide here

SanDisk 32GB microSDHC Card


  • There are some accessories you just can't live without and SD cards are a must. Who wants to carry around a an mp3 player when you're BlackBerry can satisfy all your media needs. Hands down this is a music lover's dream without slowing down their device.


  • Some may find the class 2 speed to be slow when transferring media, scanning and indexing after, or notice a slight delay when loading preview thumbails. Personally this has never bothered me.

The Bottom Line

SanDisk always delivers quality microSD/microSDHC cards and this one works flawlessly. Whether you're snapping photos, watching videos, downloading music and ringtones, or saving presentations and documents this is a great way to maximize the storage on your device.

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