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Quick Review: Rogers Wireless My Account app for BlackBerry I’ve noticed that a lot of us tend to grumble about what our carriers decide to load onto our BlackBerrys for us. Some users (and the carriers) see these apps as a convenience, while others see them as a nuisance. Once in a while, new ones pop up out of nowhere as well. A lot of people spend their first moments, with a new or updated BlackBerry, deleting what they would consider a “waste of memory”; you can typically see this in posts that show you how to maximize your memory. I can admit I tend to remove the so-called clutter on my own BlackBerry. Then I took a look at one add-on my carrier, Rogers Wireless, has available; My Account.

This application is one of those that you may take for granted without even looking at it, but it is actually worth a shot. My Account is designed to give you a better look at your Rogers Wireless account, without having to call in to customer service or grab your computer. Let’s see how much my bill is going to set me back.

About My Account

The Rogers My Account app was rolled out to BlackBerry users this past May. It’s also available for iPhone, HTC Dream and Magic, as well as the LG Eve. Alternatively, Rogers customers can hit up their mobile browser. On my BlackBerry, I currently have version installed, which takes up 432.8kb of space. Please note that your Rogers Wireless account cannot be authenticated over a WiFi connection-you will have to connect to the Rogers network.

The My Account app is pretty straightforward and easy to use. At the top of the menu, you have three options: usage, balance and help.

Under usage, you can check out your voice, data and messaging information. You can see what you have included in your plan, your approximated usage and what you have remaining. For example; if you are allotted 10K outgoing SMS/MMS and unlimited incoming, you can see your usage of each type of message for both incoming and outgoing. For voice, data and messaging, you can also see a progress bar to quickly display how full or empty your cup is. The information you see may not include your usage from the last 4 hours.

My Account Usage
My Account usage

With the Balance section, you initially see the amount due, as well as the due date. You can also see the billing cycle end date and the details about your last payment (amount and date received). My Account also enables Rogers Wireless customers to make payments via credit card directly.

My Account Balance
My Account balance

When I accessed the Help section, I was able to either view BlackBerry FAQ or send feedback about My Account. The FAQ is designed to offer help for new BlackBerry users. According to Rogers, future builds for My Account will eventually include the ability to manage your services and updating your MY5 numbers; just as you can by visiting the mobile site.

My Account help
My Account help topics


My Account app from Rogers Wireless may just have earned a permanent home on my BlackBerry. Why wouldn’t I want to have my usage information or the ability to pay in my hand wherever I go? It’s nicely laid out, simply designed and keeps you (and your account) in check. It’s too bad that I wasn’t able to receive further details, such as usage for each line on my account. Rogers Wireless customers need only to click on the My Account Icon on their home screen. If anyone from Rogers is reading this, please remember me when I want to upgrade next time (wink wink, nudge nudge).


  • quick access to usage and balances
  • make payments from the app


  • not available over WiFi
  • slight delay when retrieving details
  • accounts with multiple lines cannot see usage for each number

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