If you’ve read any of my articles regarding the BlackBerry PIN, you may have noticed that my views on privacy are slowly being swayed towards being more open with sharing my PIN. The other day, Kevin introduced you to a new application/social network known as PinShare; where, as you would probably guess, share your PIN with potential connections. Before doing so, you can view their image, read their brief bio and finally connect with them via BlackBerry Messenger. You send off a message, up to 100 characters, and it shows up in the recipient’s message inbox. A home screen notification icon is also generated. You can then choose to connect with them over BBM or not.

Essentially, it’s another database of BlackBerry smartphone users looking to share their PIN, yet, at the same time, it’s not. It’s a smooth rolodex of social users looking for a variety of things, but most importantly a decent conversation. Now I did notice that my BlackBerry Bold 9900 would start to lag from time to time while running PinShare; perhaps an indication that it was retrieving a large amount profiles that were just created? Just keep in mind that you’ll be receiving messages from people that may not want to, be the same can be said if you were to post your PIN in a forum. Once you trudge through the unwanted messages (which in reality come in rather infrequently) you may find a select few worthy of your BBM. Check out the video for a quick walkthrough as well as how to set up your own profile. You can grab PinShare for free from BlackBerry App World. Screenshots can be found after the jump.

More information/download PinShare for BlackBerry smartphones

PinShare sending message
PinShare inbox
PinShare received message
PinShare My Profile
PinShare edit profile

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