I love how easy it is to take pictures with the PlayBook. Sure it’s not as portable as using a BlackBerry smartphone, but there’s just something about using the screen as a ginormous view finder that appeals to me. It’s also quickly become a source of entertainment for our son, whether we like it or not. I can’t count how many times I’ve picked up my PlayBook to find the album full of images. Some are blurry as heck, but others have some potential, all it needs is a little tweaking here and there. What I would normally do is have the images make their way to my laptop, where I can whip up some magic in Photoshop. Out of the box, there aren’t too many options when it comes to editing those photos. Now with an application like PicShop, I can perform these alterations using the PlayBook with ease. I really hope that this will eliminate the need to switch between devices in order to edit my images.

The Review

Developer: esDot Development Studios Version (at time of review): 1.1.4
File Size: 62.5 MB
OS Requirements: Tablet 1.0.8 or higher
Cost: $0.99 Website: htt​p://​www.​

The developer calls it a complete photo editing solution. If it’s not, it’s pretty darn close. As long as you’re dealing with HD images up to 8 megapixels, you’re good to go. Once you download, you’ll quickly notice that PicShop will offer up with some helpful getting started tips. All of the commands are listed at the bottom of the screen, you can see; Load image, Edits, Filters, Frames, Extras and “Save & Share”. When loading an image you can, like with most editing apps, choose to snap a pic with your camera or choose an existing image from your gallery. There are a ton of options to look at in PicShop but, again the application makes suggestions as to what to start with. Under edits, you can alter the brightness, color, focal point, tilt shift, blemishes (just in time for prom!), fix red eye, sharpness or even crop and rotate. Rotations are not arbitrary; they’re set at 90 degree intervals. Both filters and frames will display sample thumbnails below the original giving you a taste of the end result. Now whether you are editing or filtering, each option has what I refer to as a level or intensity bar, which accurately helps you decide how strong you want the option to be.

PicShop Edits

Under the Extras tab are some creative and crazy add-ons to try out. You have a free hand paint brush, where you can change the colour, size and type. You can also create speech bubbles and apply 3 types of text. On top of that, PicShop has some colourful stickers, such as hair styles, moustaches and holiday clip art to help you make your images pop. You can easily resize and place them in the perfect position. Not to leave anything out, the application also includes a Meme maker. You heard me. Once you select this, you can choose to have a top or bottom border (or both if you wish). You are then prompted to enter in your witty text.

PicShop Extras

Once your masterpiece is completed, the Save & Share option lets you decide what the quality setting should be, and then lets you post the image to Twitter or Facebook. Simple as that. I almost forgot to mention that PicShop also includes undo/redo arrows at the top left corner, which allow you to quickly undo any unwanted changes. The transitions within the application, and the rendering of images, are spot on smooth. That definitely adds to the richness of the app.

PicShop Frames
PicShop Share

by esDot Development Studios


  • PicShop is fluid and drop dead easy to use. If you’re not sure what to do as far as editing goes, the autofix feature is the best option. These are the types of options that should have been on the PlayBook already.


  • If I had to say something, it would be the lack of arbitrary rotation options. Again, you only have 4 angles to choose from.

The Bottom Line

Looking for an effective image editing application, PicaShop is the way to go. From filtering to framing or from moustaches to memes, you can really make any image your very own. The application is so easy to use- you’ll be editing and sharing in no time. Download PicShop for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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