"This app is very easy, I use it all the time. Photo Editor Extreme is one of the best photo apps out there for BB. Love it!" - Johaira1379 App World Review

Photo Editor Extreme app

I use my BlackBerry often to snap pictures day to day. I wouldn't call myself a photographer but I like to snap photos of my cats and anything interesting that catches my eye. I also like to try out photo editing apps. Whlie there are many to be found within App World, only a few stay on my device. One photo editing app I have found to be a favourite of mine is the popular photo editing app from Pepper.pk. The Photo Editor app has updated recently and has been improved to given a new name too. The update brings us to version 3 and is now called Photo Editor Extreme. It brings with it a few new features including Doodle and BBM integration.

The Review

Developer: Pepper.pk Version (at time of review): 3.31.0
File Size: 2850 KB
OS Requirements: Smartphone 4.2.0 or higher / Tablet 1.0.0 or higher
Cost: $0.99 Website: http://www.pepper.pk

When you load the app you are given the option to select a photo, so no camera shots direct from the app. However, this isn't a huge problem. Once you have chosen the photo you want to edit you are then presented with the tools you need to edit your photo. There are lots of tools to choose fro - adjusting the brightness/contrast, saturation and hue, resize, sharpen, auto correct, blur, recolour, you can even add filters, frames, shapes, text and doodle. While many photo editing apps can do these things I find that Photo Editor Extreme does it quite well and it doesn't take too long to render the filters.

Photo Editor Extreme Filters

There are also a wide variety of filters that you can choose from:

  • Black & White
  • Black & White Negative
  • Negative
  • Gistogram
  • Glow
  • POP
  • Rainbow
  • Static
  • Solar
  • Crayon
  • Edge Lap
  • Edge Sob
  • Glass
  • Water Horizontal
  • Water Vertical
  • Emboss
  • Light Rays
  • Sepia
  • Neon
  • Shadow

There is certainly plenty to choose from and you can have a bit of fun with them. You also have the ability to add frames to your photos, however, I do feel that there is a lack of choices here and they could be improved on a bit too.

Photo Editor Extreme Frames

The Doodle feature is quite fun too, especially if you have an awesome photo to doodle on. What I like about the Doodle feature is that it is quite response on my Bold 9900, I have found other apps that don't do this quite well, so props to Pepper.pk there. One thing I would like to see though, is the ability to change the size of the paint brush or pen tool. Both the pen tool and line tool are very thin and is hard to see at times, being able to change the size would a cool option. So, would being able to change the text size in the text tool too. It comes out very small and can get lost in the photo.

Photo Editor Extreme Doodle

Along the top of the screen you have options to share your newly edited photo to Facebook, Twitter, BBM and Email. You can also crop, rotate or flip your photo too. There is the option to undo and edit you don't like, however, the undo option on undos the last step, so if you wanted to undo a few steps out of luck. When doodling I have found that I have wanted to undo more steps but could not so I had to just close the app and start again. So, that could be another thing to add in the future perhaps.

Overall, the app is pretty solid. It is one of the better photo editing apps I have come across and certainly worth its price tag. There is also a PlayBook version too.

Photo Editor Extreme Doodles

Photo Editor Extreme Texts

"This is by far the best photo editor I have ever used on the BlackBerry. I have one for the Torch and the PlayBook. Very easy to use and has quick saving unlike those free ones which ask you to upgrade outside of App World" - unknown App World Review

Contest: Pepper.pk have given us 25 copies to give to our readers. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. One entry per person. Contest ends midnight Sunday EST.

Photo Editor Extreme
by Pepper.pk


  • Solid photo editing app with a variety of filters if you want some cool effects on your photos. The Doodle feature is also perfect for messing around on, especially when doodling on face photos.


  • It could have more frames to choose from, have the ability to change brush tool size as well as text size. It could also do with more undo steps.

The Bottom Line

It certainly is one of the better photo editing apps I have used. Has a good range of filters and tools all around. You have the ability to share the edited through social media apps and more recently via BBM. It is definitely worth the small price tag. Purchase Photo Editor Extreme