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There’s always been a debate on how to keep your BlackBerry powered up. Some may go to the extreme and adorn every outlet they have in their house, car or office with chargers. In order to free themselves from such a short leash, others use a portable charger in period of low battery – they work, as long as you don’t forget to charge them as well – which you can’t always do at the same time as your BlackBerry.

Then there’s the simple approach that’s less bulky and has no wires – a spare battery. Sure it’s a pain to swap them out at times – especially if you have a skin or case. You may even run the risk of dropping your BlackBerry. But you have to admit that you can’t beat a small power source that fits into any pocket. Now here’s the problem - at the end of the day, when you have drained both of their juice, how are you going to charge them? Sure, you can stay up aaaaalll night, wait for one battery to charge, then swap them out – again risking a accidental drop in the night (cause you are so sweepy weepy).

Enter the Mobi Products Cradle with spare battery slot. This cradle is similar to the BlackBerry Power Station with respect to having a recharging rump perfect for that second battery of yours. This cradle can charge your BlackBerry when plugged into an outlet or from your computer’s USB port. Another slot on the back acts as a secondary charger to charge the battery at the back.

The cradle has two lights on it. The one on the right turns blue, indicating the cradle is plugged into a USB port or outlet – ready to charge or sync. The light on the left turns blue and used to tell you that the cradle is able to charge your spare battery. It’s a slight task to connect your BlackBerry, but once it’s finally cradled, you’ll find that that does fit fairly snug. Luckily, inserting and removing your spare battery from its charging dock is effortless. This is perfect for your desk or bedside, as you can use it to watch movies or as an alarm clock. Just be careful if you find yourself wanting to fit the snooze button. Unfortunately, any who use a skin or snap on case will have to remove it before plugging in your BlackBerry. You can grab the Mobi Products Cradle w/ spare battery slot for a wide range of BlackBerrys from

Contest: Do you need to get your hands on one of these? How about winning one from All you have to do is leave a comment below. Here’s the catch, you have to share a time when you ran out of power and tried everything possible to keep your device running. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. One of you will win this cradle straight from Only one comment per entry please.

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