Cygnett BlackBerry Bold 9900 series cases

I can be rough on my devices. There hasn't been one yet that I haven't dropped, banged, thrown, or smashed in the display with a nail (true story). So as the resident klutz at home I'm always making sure I have a case on hand in case I destroy one. Today going through the convention center at CES 2012, Kerri and I came across a brand new manufacturer of cases for the BlackBerry Bold 9900/30 (they just launched their website two days ago). Cygnett is an Australian based company that develops and manufactures accessories for a broad spectrum of gadgets including cases, portable speakers, earphones, power products and laptop bags. Click on the jump for more information and screenshots.

We had a chance to test out two of these new cases, codenamed Crystal and Frost. I've had slim cases in the past but these do feel great in your hands and just give your device a sleek and clean look overall. For the clear case it really shows off the bezel and gives your Bold a nice shiny look. Kerri absolutely adores Frost and the purple color. Both protect the Kerri absolutely adores Frost and its bright purple color. Both cases protect the bezel. Although we haven't had a chance to test (we didn't bring it with us) it may fit in the BlackBerry charging pod.

Just one warning for you folks out there who like to rest your finger near the bottom, the edge is a little scratchy and rough. However, the rest of the corners are smooth. We also noticed the backs are a little slippery but that doesn't take away from how much we enjoy toting our Bolds around with us in these cases. I actually did drop mine on the carpet here at the hotel and it withstood the fall and didn't pop off.


Crystal - Clear Case for Bold 9900/30 Series

  • Protection that's super-thin and light-as-air, this barely noticeable clear shield hugs your phone providing maximum protection without comprising the design of your BlackBerry
  • Durable protection that doesn't camouflage your BlackBerry or obscure its sleek form
  • Full access to user interface and functions
  • Form-fitting - protects vulnerable corners
  • Simple snap-on design - easy to remove
  • Lightweight polycarbonate
  • Includes screen protector and microfiber cloth

Frost - Matte slim case for Bold 9900/30 series

  • Smooth yet durable, this vibrant case with an anti-fingerprint finish offers excellent surface protection from fingerprints, dirt, skin oil, sweat and cosmetics
  • Super-slim shield that protects edges and corners without adding bulk
  • Highly durable polycarbonate material that is strong and scratch-resistant with a flexible snap-on design
  • Grips in your hand yet slides easily into your pocket
  • Includes screen protector and microfiber cleaning cloth

There is one final product in this new line they didn't have on hand for us to test (it's coming soon) called BlackFrost. It's similar to Frost but as that one is mostly a smudge resistant slim case, this one is an easy to grip matte slim case. Finally, in the press kit we were given it does show a PlayBook series coming soon which I know I can't wait to get my hands on.

Contest: Cygnett has given us 5 cases to give away for you guys. You can choose either Frost or Crystal. To enter simply leave a comment on this post with the name of the case you want to win. Remember, this case is only for the Bold 9900/30 series. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

Check out all of Cygnett's products at

Cygnett Cases - Frost & Crystal
Cygnett Frost Right Side
Cygnett Crystal Left Side

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