Here is a quick look at the Case-Mate ID case for the Tour 9630. I have to say I was excited to get this one since I really only carry my ID and a credit card when I'm out. I figured having the cards right with my device all the time would be easy and keep me from losing them. I liked the case at first, but the more typing I did, the less attached I became. I found it kind of "sharp" on the edges and the thickness of the back threw me off a bit. Overall I think its a good case, just not really for me. It needs a bit of a redesign around the sides to be worth using full-time (and yes I had trouble getting my cards in at one point). Check out the video above for my review.

Hopefully these reviews don't get too annoying. I stocked up on accesories again so there will be plenty of good stuff to check out. Bla1ze will be getting in on the action soon as well, so if you get tired of hearing my voice at least you have that to look forward to :-)

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