Quick Review: BlackBerry KEY2 Soft Shell Case

If you're not really down with bulky cases but still want some basic protection from bumps and drops, there are plenty of options to choose from and among those options is the official BlackBerry KEY2 Soft Shell Case.

Designed specifically for the BlackBerry KEY2, the soft shell case is made from non-slip, soft-touch silicone making it nice and light while keeping it durable. Initially, out of the box, the soft shell case feels as though it might be slipperier than just using the phone alone but once you have it in your hands for a bit, it starts to feel different. Not 'sticky' cause that's gross but just grippier than the phone naked.

Getting the soft shell case on and off is easy and doesn't make you feel like you're going to fling your KEY2 across the room just to get it on and off, which is a problem I have with a lot of cases. They're easy to get on but getting them off requires a feat of strength and restraint as well as some patience. Not an issue here. The soft shell slides on easy and requires minimal to remove.

On device, the soft shell case looks minimal and low profile while allowing access to most ports. Your camera, headphone jack, microphone, USB port, and speakers are all uncovered but one item covered up by the case is your SIM/Micro SD Card slot. That's certainly not a huge issue unless you're excessively removing your SIM/Micro SD Card, but I'm sure not many are doing that.

If you're not really into cases but are still looking for SOMETHING to add an additional layer of protection on your KEY2, the BlackBerry KEY2 soft shell case is a great option to add to the mix. You can pick one up today, prices range from $40-$50 CAD depending on the retailer.

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