So you have a Twitter account, a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, you run BlackBerry Messenger and make use of BBM Channels and you're looking for a way to update them all in an easy way? No worries, a new app that's just arrived in BlackBerry World might just be the tool you need to get this accomplished. The app is called Quick Post and it allows you to type once and post across multiple accounts quickly and easily.

  • Type once and share across multiple social networks.
  • Runs smooth as silk, thanks to being built in 100% native Cascades.
  • Gorgeous dark theme.
  • Dedicated # and @ convenience keys.
  • Character counter for Twitter.
  • Easy access to your device's account settings.
  • Support for native keyboard features, like word substitution, spell check, voice dictation, emoticons and more!

Quick Post is reasonably priced coming in at only $0.99 and set-up for it is pretty minimal given the fact that it makes use of the accounts already set up on your device. Just download, open the app and let it run through the process and you'll be good to go. Supported services include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, BlackBerry Messenger including BBM Channels and there is more planned for future releases. Check out the video above for a further look into the app, you can jump below to check out some screenshots of the app in action or hit the link to get it downloaded and start using it.

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