You can still access the Storm's dedicated Lock and Mute/Standby Buttons. The two piece case snaps together for unified sturdiness and allows the Storm to sit flat on tables/desks.

All side buttons and ports are still easily accessible. The Innocase II adds to the Storm's sturdiness - seems to improve the typing experience.
A Quick Look at the Seidio Innocase II Surface for the Storm

During yesterday's podcast (listen to Episode 030) when we were talking about the BlackBerry Storm I mentioned the new casing I was using and absolutely loving, the Seidio Innocase II. Gary Mazo is working on an in-depth CrackBerry review of this product (stay tuned!), but in the meantime I figured it was worthy of a quick look post. If you're a BlackBerry Storm owner and haven't quite found a case solution that provides a good trade-off of protection and ease of use, this one is definitely worth checking out.

The Seidio Innocase II Surface for the BlackBerry Storm is made of hard rubber and comes in two pieces which snap together to form a tight and secure fit around the Storm without adding much bulk. I actually prefer using the Storm with this case on than going naked. It gives the device a bit more rigidity (makes landscape typing feel nicer?!!), allows it to lie flat on counters/table tops for improved not-in-hand use, and the rubberized texture provides a sure grip. Two negatives things to be aware of: one, with the case on it won't fit in the BlackBerry Storm Charging Pod (booourns... cause I love using the Storm as my alarm clock!) and two, it takes a bit of effort/technique to pop the case off - not a big deal unless you're yanking your battery or MicroSD card out multiple times per week. 

The case comes in a bunch of different colors (I kinda like the red one I have - very "Verizon") and is available from for $29.95. If you're a BlackBerry Bold user, be sure to check out CrackBerry member JReel's review and video of the Innocase for the BlackBerry Bold.

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