Parental Controls Parental Controls

Just as RIM introduced some parental control features on BlackBerry 7 devices, they will be bringing the same plan over to BlackBerry 10 devices.  This time around however, the features are much more robust and customizable. While the OS 7 devices let you limit Twitter, SMS messages, browser use and a few other features, on BlackBerry 10 you'll be able to cut down many more apps to ensure your children (or spouse?) aren't going crazy on their device.

The parental controls in BB10 let you limit the browser, Twitter, camera, Facebook, App World use and much more. There are plenty of settings for you to tweak things exactly how you want them to be before handing over the device. A very cool feature that I'm sure many are looking forward to taking advantage of. We'll have plenty more on this in a few weeks.

Source: BBEmpire