OS leaks when they come are always rather interesting. Some times they contain no substantial differences and other times, they're a bevy of information. With the latest 10.2 leak, we're getting a good glimpse at what features BlackBerry is working on for the next big release of the operating system.

The last few OS leaks had references to lock screen live previews that left many folks wondering just what they were and how they would work as they were disabled in older builds. With the release of though, we're getting a clear visualization of what BlackBerry has in mind, though what exactly they're calling them seem a bit muddled. Interactive notifications? Live Previews? In any case, they're sweet!

Granted, this is all subject to change given the fact it is a leaked OS but the feature in its current form is working pretty awesome and it certainly jives with what BlackBerry customers have been asking for. Go head and check out the video to see what we mean. Just remember, this is only coming by way of a leak currently so if you like what you see, you'll have to wait or try out the leak.