Now that BBM Music is headed out to beta testers, we figured we'd do up a little video to show you all what it's about. With the BBM connected apps catalogue growing larger everyday, this is one app that truly shows off the power of such offerings. In the past, RIM has taken some heat for not really expanding their ecosystem to provide media offerings such as music and movies despite the fact BlackBerry devices capabilities to handle that content.

BBM Music is one step towards setting things right in that area. Wheter or not it'll be successful as a paid service remains to be seen but even in it's limited trial beta stages it shows some great potential for long term use depending on what RIM does with it. Caching of songs, sharing of songs, play list creation and BBM interaction make the app great but it's what RIM does with the service to help it be more appealable over time is what I'm looking forward to.

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