We posted last night that Version 2.0 of the LinkedIn application had been released and now actually works, as opposed to the previous version which didn't seem to like any of my devices. This morning the update showed up for me so I swiftly downloaded it (for free) and it seems that they have made a pretty nice job of things. I clearly have nothing to compare it to but the user interface is friendly, crisp and smooth.

As you will see in the video - the main screen is made up of the 'LinkedIn Today' section at the top and then followed by recent updates. Clicking on the LinkedIn icon in the top left corner takes you to a nice page made up of four large tiles. These are updates, You, Inbox and Network.

Connecting with people and sharing an update works perfectly however I'm not convinced it is perfect as there are no notifications that come with the app, or if there are they do not work. Thanks to a couple of the CrackBerry team members I have sent messages through the app and received an email response but nothing from the app itself. Notifications would be great, but at least we now have an app we can use. Oh well, one step at a time.

More information/Download LinkedIn for BlackBerry smartphones

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