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Adam’s post yesterday about the App for Google+ beta got me excited. I’ve been really wanting to get into using my Google + account but, unfortunately, there wasn’t a simple way to do so from my BlackBerry smartphone. Having been forced, I mean, politely instructed to use an Android smartphone by my boss at my other company, I’ve been able to dabble with my account a bit. Call me loyal, but it always felt like cheating when I did that. After the news hit, I immediately installed App for Google+. Understanding it was in beta, and with a few Google+ features missing, I could tell that I would be putting the focus back on my BlackBerry. Just another reason to not answer my work phone I suppose.

Before I tucked my Android smartphone into the darkest corner of my bag, I put together a quick comparison between the two applications to see how well they stacked up, and where improvements could be made. The first feature I hope to see drop is the Messenger – that is a crucial part that should be addressed first if possible. Perhaps also giving users the option to see various streams, like what’s hot or what’s nearby, would be good as well. To me, it’s another way of discovering new people to place in your circles. If you have a Google+ account, or thought about getting one, I strongly suggest you give the App for Google+ from Smarter Apps a try. You can grab the beta for free from BlackBerry App World.

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