What Apps do we Need to see Come to BlackBerry?
Question of the Week: What apps are out there that
you'd like to see come to BlackBerry?

I've been wanting to ask this question to the CrackBerry community for a while now, but somehow it kept slipping my mind to get the post done. Today I remembered so here it is. I want to know what apps you'd like to see come to BlackBerry. I know a lot of BlackBerry users also own a second mobile device, like an iPod or iPad or even an iPhone, and a lot of the CrackBerry enthusiasts out there are familiar with the selection available in Apple's App Store or the Android Marketplace. BlackBerry has a decent apps base and we've seen some growth in the number of BlackBerry apps available (download the CrackBerry App Superstore here) but obviously BlackBerry still has some catch up to do in the app and games space. 

So which apps would you like to see come to BlackBerry? We'll go through the list when it's all done and toss up a follow up post. Maybe we can get the word out and we'll see some make their way to BlackBerry sooner than later. I know I'd love to see a KijiJi app for BlackBerry and get some Angry Birds going on my Torch. Make your list in the comments!!

2010 BlackBerry Developer Super Apps Challenge Reminder: While we're talking what apps we'd like to see come to BlackBerry, it's a good time to remind all the BlackBerry Developers out there that September 6th deadline for the BlackBerry Developer Fund's 2010 Super Apps Developer Challenge is fast approaching. This year the BlackBerry Partners Fund is looking for anyone who is building super apps. Be it an application which you feel is already a super app or a new app you are currently working on. At stake is over $1.5 Million worth of prizes and includes developer services from leading industry partners, featured placements on BlackBerry App World, marketing programs from Research In Motion and much more. If you are a BlackBerry developer who is delivering super apps, you'll want to take on the BlackBerry Developer Fund's 2010 Super Apps Developer Challenge. The full list of contest prizes, eligibility and requirements are available on the BlackBerry Partners Fund website, just click the link.

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