The Queen's AddictionAt the beginning of July we brought word that the Queen would soon be getting a BlackBerry. Fast forward a few weeks and the Queen has a full out BlackBerry Addiction.

Fueling the addiction above all things is her new found ability to stay on top of horse racing results 24/7! A highly placed palace source told The People,

"Her Majesty has always been keener than most 81-year-olds to stay up to date with modern gadgets, but she finds her BlackBerry is the most useful of all."

"She can surf the net for racing results and used it constantly during the big York meeting last week but the Duke is going mad. At 85 he's more reluctant to embrace technology and thinks his wife is like a distracted teenager. He even muttered he wished she would 'get rid of the bloody thing'."

Welcome to the CrackBerry Club Queen! Though it's an addiction most of us never want to give up, help is only a click away. has you covered with our 13 Steps to Breaking a BlackBerry Addiction Program!

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