Queen Elizabeth gets a white BlackBerry Bold 9700 

On her tour of Research In Motion over the weekend, Queen Elizabeth not only got shown around by RIM's founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis himself, but also was presented with brand new white BlackBerry Bold 9700. We say that was a great choice, considering in the poll we ran last week that over 51% of you thought the white 9700 was the current BlackBerry device model best suited for the Queen. Greeting her on her new device was an image of children offering flowers to the Queen. Definitely a sweet gift to receive first-hand.

No real details emerged on what the Queen got to see in Waterloo, but were sure it was was certainly worth the trip and something all of us BlackBerry entusiasts would love (maybe she got to use BB6 with the new WebKit browser, or played with the new slider, or saw the storm 3?!). Now there's just two other things I'd love to know....  1. what do I have to do in this world to get a Mike. L tour of RIM? and 2. where can I snag one of those sweet RIM lab coats? Talk about style! :-)

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!