If you're looking for a fun packed racing game with a twist for your BlackBerry Z10 then QuBit could get your juices flowing. QuBit is your robot (although there are many variations to choose from - each with different strengths) and the aim of the game is to collect as many colored crystals as possible.

To start with QuBit will have two colored cubes spinning around him and these are the colored crystals you must collect, but as you get further into the game you will generate more - I think I've made it up to four so far. You can earn extra points by achieving combos - so if you have an orange cube with you and manage to pick up two or more orange crystals you get rewarded.

The problem with QuBit is that he is constantly running out of energy. There is a countdown timer on his back and if that reaches zero it's game over. Luckily you can up the counter by boosting across what I can only describe as blue charging rails. Along the way there are also a selection of obstacles that will deplete your energy if you strike them so some dodging is required.

Controls wise QuBit is a piece of cake -- just use tilt controls to guide him and press the screen if you need to use a boost.

The graphics are glorious and so are the sound effects and it really is worth the £1.50/$1.99 price tag it holds. If you like action games which will keep you on your toes then QuBit will be for you. It's a real beauty.

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