This video from QNX really shows us the potential power that they may well give cars in the future. Though the video is from November, the RIM owned company has once again got our juices flowing with this sneak peak into what they are likely working on. With QNX-based BlackBerry 10 launching later this month, I wouldn't be surprised if we see some sweet integration between phone and car in the years ahead. Who knows how much of what QNX are demonstrating may be close to release? Only time will tell but it looks exciting stuff.

CES is kicking off in Las Vegas in a few short days, and we should get a good look at the latest concept car from QNX as in the past. If you'll be attending CES next week, make sure you stop by the QNX booth (Booth 1837) and check them out! The Mobile Nations team will be at there as well, so stay tuned across our network for all the news.