QNX hosting webinar on applying smartphone wireless technology to connected embedded systems

QNX recently unveiled their QNX Wireless Framework, which enables rapid cellular and Wi-Fi integration and faster time to market for embedded system applications by allowing embedded systems developers to make cellular and Wi-Fi hardware changes without having to rewrite software or how apps run. On March 26th, they'll be hosting a webinar for software developers, software engineering managers, and others involved in building connected embedded systems to outline how that framework can be used.

Creating a connected device that employs cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity involves a lot of pain points. Modem technology for embedded systems is evolving quickly, creating demand for flexible system designs that can rapidly support the latest cellular or Wi-Fi communications hardware.

This webinar examines the challenges of implementing wireless connectivity in an embedded system and explores how they can be addressed by leveraging lessons learned and by using software frameworks developed for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Applications that stand to benefit the most from wireless connectivity
  • Challenges and complexity of bringing connectivity to embedded systems
  • Potential security and privacy risks introduced by wireless connectivity, including unauthorized access and unencrypted data transfer
  • The benefits of creating flexible products that easily accommodate advances in modem technology

The webinar will be one hour long, including Q & A kicking off at 12:00PM EST and be presented by Karen Bachman, Director of QNX Wireless Framework and Leo Forget, OS Product Manager, QNX Software Systems. You can register using the TechOnline site here or view more details via the QNX website right here.