Qik Updated For BlackBerry Storm!

While the announcement of availabilty for the alpha build of Qik on the BlackBerry Storm came to us all via the CrackBerry forums a few days ago, there really was not much mention of it on any of the blogs or even from Qik themselves. Since I was a little late to the party on the download of this on my Storm, I can say the current version is now at 0.1.4, but I'm lead to believe by @0mie that this is actually an update from the intial alpha build that was released to the public.

All in all, after testing out the latest version for the Storm I can say I'm quite impressed with how well it functions even for an alpha. And for those who may not be aware of Qik on your BlackBerry be sure to check out Qik's site for more information and downloads.

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