It's concept time again - another from CrackBerry forum member Andreas Kimishis1 who also recently added the BlackBerry slider S50 concept. Although I'm all for a hardware keyboard device with a bigger screen I'm not so keen on this one purely down to its height. Of course, it's only a mockup, but as always it's nice to get some feedback from the CrackBerry community. 

With a BlackBerry design of this nature I'd much rather see it in a slider concept and judging by the recent poll we added to the S50 concept post it would seem that the CrackBerry nation would like to see the return of that form factor too. 

If you head on over to our concept forum you can check out the 'alleged specs' of the Q80i, which are of course wishful thinking. Either way - it's always nice to see possible designs and I'm sure that BlackBerry themselves read your comments and take them onboard.