In the last few months, we have seen various ways for us to connect all of our devices with our PC so that we can access our material no matter where we are. One of the more popular services currently available is This simple service connects your various devices to your home computer to access and transfer files, links, notes, addresses, and more.

While message notifications would fall under the purview of BlackBerry Blend, PushPlane is a native client to quickly share your files and links to your computer and vice versa. Not only is it headless but also coordinates with and to receive notifications from various online services and social networks such as Facebook.

To get started with PushPlane, tap on the login button and use the credentials of the Google account you wish to use and authorize the application. For those who use two-step authentication it is supported. Once that is complete, you're all set to start pushing your content instantly. PushBullet should automatically create a profile for each device that uses the service. If you swipe to the right and tap on Devices, this section allows for managing each device connected to your account.

From the main screen, it defaults to viewing all of your content. If you tap on the title bar you can filter your pushes by a specific device. This mirrors how you can push content to either all devices or a specific device from the Pushbullet website. The toolbar also serves another purpose and that is to show whether or not you have an active data connection. If the bar is green then all systems are go, if it's red then you are disconnected from the service.

To being pushing content simply tap on the bullet icon in the upper right hand corner, select the type of notification or content you wish to send, tap on the icon bar to select which device to send to, if not all devices, and then select Push at the bottom of the screen.

As with the online service and its counterparts on iOS and Android, you can enter in links and notes, choose a file or photo from the device and insert as an attachment, create lists, such as to-do lists, and push addresses. For instance, if you create a list for all of your to-dos, it will push as a checklist for you to mark off each item as you shop. Also, by tapping on an address it will automatically open in BlackBerry Maps. Finally, when a file is sent to your device, users have the option to either copy the link or open in your browser or download the file.

In order to activate Pushbullet's universal copy and paste, simply go into settings and enable the sliders for sending and receiving clipboard.

PushPlane is one of two native clients available for BlackBerry. The other is BlackBullet and there are a few differences in capabilities. Two features that are noticeably absent on this application is being able to search or sort by category and adding a friend or contact. However, PushPlane is a headless applications and offers lists and addresses.

PushPlane gives users a pleasant UI in order to quickly access, view, and create push notifications for Pushbullet. There is also a thorough tutorial included that explains each feature and how it is used in case you are having issues. Being headless, the application is fast when receiving or sending content.

Please note that for OS 10.3.1 users may experience some issues. PushPlane is $1.99 for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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