Purchasing Applications and Themes from ShopCrackBerry.com on your PC.

Having problems purchasing, installing or registering applications/themes? View our CrackBerry App Store FAQ & Troubleshooting


Step 1- 



Navigate your web browser to http://www.shopcrackberry.com (or click on the Store tab on any CrackBerry.com page)

Step 2-


App Store Tab

Click on the App Store tab or one of the subcategories

Step 3- 


Search Box

Locate the application/theme by entering text in the search box, or browsing through a category

Step 4- 


Add To Cart

Select the application/theme you wish to purchase and choose Add To Cart

Step 5- 

Secure Checkout

If paying by credit card choose Secure Checkout. If you wish to pay via Paypal, click the Check Out With Paypal button.

Step 6- 

Billing Information
Returning Customer

New customers will need to enter their billing information, while returning customers need only to enter their email address and zip code.   

Step  7-

Software Registration

Some software may require registration and you will be asked to enter your device PIN (found under Options > Status on your device)

Step  8-

Order Confirmation

When your order is complete you will see the Order Confirmation page

Step  9-

Order Details

You will receive a confirmation email that contains instructions on how to download the application/theme directly to your device. Select the Download To Mobile option. You will be redirected to a download page.

Step  10-

Download Page 

Select Download and the application/theme will install. 

Step  11-

Successfully Installed


You will see a confirmation box when the download is complete. 


Final Step- Finding your App or Activating your Theme

Applications: In the case of an application or game, typically an icon will be installed onto your homescreen. On older devices the icon for the new application will appear on the main homescreen, or on newer devices the icon will appear in your downloads folder by default. You can also relocate the placement of this icon. Note that some applications may not install an icon anywhere, but rather will add more functionality to the device (a new option will appear on the main Options menu).

Themes: Unlike an application, when you install a theme it does not install any sort of icon onto the homescreen. Rather, you need to enter the Themes menu, which can be found by going to Options > Themes. Here you can select your new theme and activate it. For more info, visit this Basics of BlackBerry themes tutorial.