Having problems purchasing, installing or registering applications/themes? View our CrackBerry App Store FAQ & Troubleshooting



Browse to CrackBerryAppStore.com from your device browser


Buy an Application

Choose Search or Browse to locate the application/theme you wish to purchase and select the Buy button

Step  3-

Customer Information

Select New Customer (Step 2 will ask for your billing information) or Returning Customer (select Submit Order on Step 2)


Order Confirmation

You will see your Order Confirmation page

Step  5-

Order Detail

You will receive and Order Detail email with any Activation Codes and Download Instructions. Select Go to the download page

Step  6-

Download to Device

Select Click here to download to your device

Step  7-

Run App

After the application is installed, select Run to start the application

Step  8-



After the application stars you will be prompted to Register

Step  9-


Enter the Activation Code (registration screens may vary from picture)

Step  10-


You will see a confirmation message if activation was successful