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Source: Punkt

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After rolling out v1.5 three months ago, Punkt has now released its latest update for the minimalist MP02 phone. This release noted as v1.6 follows up on their promises to provide compatibility with US carriers LTE networking while also addressing a larger amount of bug fixes and improvements overall.

We are pleased to announce the third update (v1.6) of the MP02's firmware is available to install. The numbers of the firmware v1.6 to look for on the handset are EU.01.06.0069 for Version 1 (EU, GB, JP, and AU) and US.01.06.0069 for Version 2 (USA/Can).

Version 1.6 requires the MP02 to have already been updated to version 1.5 (EU.01.05.0065 for Version 1 and US.01.05.0065 for Version 2). If 1.5 is not yet installed, or if you are not sure, simply repeat the updating process until no new update is shown as being available.

If you're looking to get your MP02 updated and not sure how, you can follow the guide right here (pdf) that will walk you through the process. Once you get it downloaded and installed, drop by that CrackBerry Punkt forums and let us know how it's all working out for you. The list of changes is massive, so hopefully, that will improve the user experience for many.

Accreditation with US mobile service providers

The MP02 now confirmed as compatible with AT&T and Cricket (with VoLTE) and T-Mobile (without VoLTE). Anyone having difficulty with VoLTE from AT&T or Cricket should contact the relevant provider directly:

Bug fixes and feature adjustments:

  • Text input: random letter duplication during text input no longer occurs
  • Silent mode: now stays on when selected
  • Tethering: instabilities occurring after reboot have been solved
  • Text messaging: occasional screen freeze after sending a message has been solved
  • Notifications: the aural notification for received text messages now works properly
  • Text messaging: the 'new message' notification is now correctly displayed on the Home Screen when the keypad is unlocked
  • Calling: when a call is on mute, the unmute option is now available in the Call Options contextual menu (Down arrow)
  • Calling: a call can now be put on hold by pressing the Call key
  • Call history: bug that caused the first number from Call History to be dialled instead of the desired contact is now fixed
  • Flip-to-silence: the ringtone in no longer deactivated when the phone is righted
  • Flip-to-silence: silent mode is no longer deactivated when the phone is righted
  • Flip-to-silence: vibration alert is deactivated when the phone inverted (face down)
  • Bluetooth: bug that prevented completion of the pairing process with some devices is now fixed
  • Calculator: cursor positioning is now functioning correctly
  • Timer audio signal and Note reminder alarms: these now sound for one minute
  • Timer: the audio signal now sounds when Silent mode is activated
  • Timer: the audio signal sounds when the keypad is locked
  • Timer: elapsed time is now retained when countdown has finished, instead of resetting to 00:00:00
  • Keypad unlock: this now occurs promptly
  • Clock: inaccuracies on Keypad Locked screen/Home screen no longer occur
  • Silent mode no longer affects vibration alert settings
  • A number of other minor bug fixes

Partial fixes:

  • Battery life: significant improvements
  • Call key: some issues related to secondary functions of the Call key are now fixed

** Known issues:**

  • Punkt key: after certain text input pressing the Punkt. key enters a new line instead of displaying the contextual menu (like the Enter key on a keyboard). For consistency, we will be removing this. In the meantime, the contextual menu can be displayed by pressing the Punkt key twice
  • Silent mode: in some circumstances, this can become deactivated after a software update
  • Date and Time: the automatic date and time setting does not automatically change time format (12/24 hour clock)
  • Customised message templates cannot be sent when receiving, or during, a call
  • We are working towards fixing these issues with the next MP02 software update.

UI language

  • UI language: a number of errors have been corrected with this release. Now that most of the operating system's bugs have been fixed, we will shortly be releasing the finished version of the text-only MP02's subtly distinctive UI phrasing.

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