It has been about five months since Punkt rolled out their first official update for the MP02 and if you're looking for a newer update, you won't have to wait much longer. As posted on their site, Punkt has now let it be known that software update version 1.5 is coming soon.

We are pleased to announce the second update (v1.5) of the MP02's firmware will soon be available to install. We sincerely apologise for the on-going delays, the most recent of which were caused by a problem we encountered regarding the transmission of the firmware via the Over The Air updating system.

Version 1.5 is a collection of under-the-bonnet fixes, in particular addressing battery life. It is recommended for all users. Unfortunately, a number of issues remain; some of these will be addressed in v1.6, which is due imminently. v1.6 will also provide compatibility with USA mobile service providers AT&T (with VoLTE) and T‑Mobile (without VoLTE).

The update comes in two batches, so the updating process needs to be performed twice (or three times, if the MP02 has never been updated). Detailed instructions will be provided as soon as the update is available.

In addition to the announcement, Punkt also broke down the specific fixes owners can expect as part of the software update as well as highlighted some of what they're still working to fix. You can check out the full details right here, and we'll update to let you all know when it goes live for everyone.