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Following up on my sneak peek in September, I'm excited to share the news with the CrackBerry community that the Punkt. MC02 5G Secure Phone is now available for pre-order.

If you don't know what that means or why you should care you have a little catching up to do. Don't worry. I've got you covered. Here's the click hole you need to go down: Read this. Then this. Then get your credit card out and join me in buying this. 🤡

Why am I so excited? Because the Punkt MC02 is the first smartphone to launch with the all-new AphyOS, from Apostrophy. This pre-order is a limited release ahead of a more general release. That means it's your first chance to get the privacy-focused Apostrophy OS working and in your hands.

The MC02 is Punkt's first full touchscreen device, following up on their iconic MP02 minimalist phone and it's an important milestone that's paving the way to the company launching an "MC01 Legend" phone (w/ a full QWERTY keyboard) that I know soooo many of you desperately want to get your thumbs typing on.

A Smarter Phone from Punkt, with Apostrophy OS and Services

My favorite phone of 2022 was the Punkt MP02 - an arguably "dumb phone" that helped make me smart again thanks to its intentionally-limited set of features. And while it helped me get my mojo back by going digital cold turkey, using it as my daily driver longterm came with too many compromises.

That's where the Punkt MC02 steps in. The MC02 is a decently-spec'd full touchscreen device that has the capabilities of a modern smartphone (you can still choose to run all the apps you want!), but thanks to Apostrophy the experience is delivered in a more intentional and much more honest way.

Apostrophy is Swiss-based and absolutely fanatical about data sovereignty and that a person should own their data rather than the companies that provide services for "free" while they mint money from mining your data.

Instead, Apostrophy takes the novel and transparent approach of being a subscription-based model that allows you to fully manage your digital footprint so you can decide how much or how little of your "digital soul" you want to sell while getting the mobile experience you actually need.

With features such as Digital Nomad, a built-in VPN that allows you to protect your internet connectivity and privacy from wherever you are, and seen for the first time on a mobile phone, a Data & Carbon Ledger - a real time view and control of the safety risk level, and of the environmental imprint of individual apps, the MC02 puts you in control.

The purchase of the Punkt MC02 comes with the first year of Apostrophy Services included (valued at $199). Delivery of the MC02 is expected in early January, just in time for that New Year resolution to improve your (probably screwed up!) relationship with your phone.

Pre-Order the Punkt MC02 5G Secure Phone


Punkt MC01 Legend
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I believe people should put their money where there mouth is. Or, if you're CrackBerry Kevin... you put your money where your thumbs are. And my thumbs are about two things: CHOICE... and BUTTONS! The Smartphone World was way more fun when it wasn't just Apple and Android, and oh how my thumbs miss clicking buttons.

To that end, I invested a proper amount of money in Apostrophy AG earlier this year to help them on their mission and I made sure to be Customer #1 of Punkt's MC02. I don't view the MC02 with Apostrophy OS and Apostrophy Services as the end game, but really the first step on a new and exciting mission to bring back some of the choice that's been missing. And the success of the MC02 will help Punkt along with their goal to get the MC01 Legend to market as well (it's a big project that's going to take some time!).

So if you want to join me on the journey and you pre-order the MC02, be sure to send me an email to cbk @ crackberry.com! I want to setup a private group chat or forum for us early adopters of Apostrophy so we can help provide power user feedback as the company continues to build and improve the Apostrophy OS and Services. Lfg!

Pre-Order the Punkt MC02 5G Secure Phone

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