If you're not in the UK feel free to skip this one as it's a UK only BlackBerry 10 application. PTAA, which stands for Planes, Trains and Automobiles, (pronounced "Peter") is the perfect way to plan travel routes between major towns and cities in Great Britain.

The application will allow you to input your start and finish destinations from drop-down lists, select if the trip is one way or return and then you need to set a departure time and date.

PTAA will then search and produce all the options for that journey, starting with the cheapest first. Tapping on one from the list will show a little more information - such as if it were a flight you would see the distance and duration, along with the time, price, airports and the option to press the 'Go' tab which will redirect you to that service and allow you to book online.

PTAA won't be for everyone, but if you travel a fair bit around the UK it's not a bad option to have on your BlackBerry - particularly if you are very price conscious.

Features include:

  • Search all major cities

  • Compare all means of travel that are available on your selected journey and time

  • Sort your results by time, CO2 emissions levels, cost

  • Book your tickets directly through the app

  • Share your journey on Facebook

  • Dedicated help team

  • Sign up & PTAA will remember you every time you login

  • Keep updated on Facebook & Twitter

More information/Download PTAA for BlackBerry 10