Music streaming has been hugely popular on mobile devices for some time now and things certainly aren't slowing down. Us BlackBerry 10 folk in the UK and Ireland now have another option - in the form of Psonar which has been natively built for us. It's kind of like a pay as you go service, as you buy credits and then use them to listen to the songs you want. Prices start from just 1p/1c/1€c per track - so it won't break the bank. 

Once you download the app (for free) you will be given 20 credits to spend at your leisure, which is always a nice start. After that the tracks you buy will range from one to three credits, but I haven't yet figured out what qualifies for more than one when 'buying' a song. As you will see from the video - we get the familiar BlackBerry 10 UI, with the main menu/options accessed from the tab at the bottom left of the display. With a black background (for battery saving I would imagine) Psonar both looks and runs beautifully. 

With BBM connectivity and Gift/Sharing built into the app, Psonar should be pretty popular in the BlackBerry 10 camp. The only downside I can see - and this is just my first impressions - is that the song selection is not as big as on a few similar services I have tried. 

I'm not a big music listener on my BlackBerry to be honest, but I know most of you are. Is Psonar a service you would consider? Give it a try and let us know. 

As well as Psonar being a free download it is also available for all BlackBerry 10 devices - sweet! 

*Update* I presumed from the price options that this was a worldwide service. It looks like I may have presumed wrong. Hit up the comments if you can access Psonar outside of the UK? 

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